Nashua Mobile puts the planet first

Nashua Mobile, through a donation to Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), is planting 1,947 trees nationwide during Arbour Week (1 to 7 September) this year. The company donated over R200 000 last year for the planting of trees, in line with its focus on environmental sustainability.

Part of this funding was used to plant 200 trees in Alexandra for Arbor Week last year as well as six large trees (which cost the equivalent of 200 small trees) in Worcester. The rest of the cash will be used for the Arbour Week project this year. This donation builds on a longstanding relationship between Nashua Mobile and FTFA. Nashua Mobile donates R10 to FTFA for every customer that opts to receive electronic bills rather than paper-based statements in its paperless billing campaign. To date, the Nashua Mobile has planted more than 15 000 trees through these donations and their e-billing campaign in communities where they do business, concentrating especially on disadvantaged areas.

Says Nashua Mobile CEO Mark Taylor: “We are committed to limiting the impact that our business has on the environment by conserving and replenishing natural resources wherever possible. Our work with FTFA is not just about preserving nature, but also creating healthier, more beautiful living environments for human beings.”

Customers can opt to receive their monthly bills by email by registering at Nashua Mobile’s online billing portal at This is another way in which Nashua Mobile is saving its customers time, saving them money and putting them first and in this case, the environment too.

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Nashua Mobile puts the planet first