Nashua Mobile gets Newclare primary printing

In a bid to forge partnerships with schools and to benefit communities that are underfunded by the government, Nashua Mobile has donated a printer to Newclare Primary School.

The donation came as a result of Nashua Mobile’s effort to be more community minded. The high performance printer with network capabilities prints 30 pages of high quality colour and 35 pages in black and white per minute, and was handed over during a brief handover ceremony this month.

This initiative was brought to Nashua Mobile’s attention by Kim Engelbrencht, who is an Ambassador for the company and who also works closely with Newclare Primary School. The previous school printer was outdated and needed to be replaced.

“We feel excited and honoured that Nashua Mobile remembered Newclare Primary school. This is a quality printer and the fact that it is fast and double-sided will make our job easier,” said Derrick Eastwood, the principal of Newclare Primary School.

“We would like to express our gratitude as a school to Nashua Central, the office automation franchise, a franchise of Nashua Mobile for donating this printer. As a result of the donation we expect an increase in productivity and we will also be able to get larger quantities of work done,” Eastwood said.

Newclare Primary School is a previously disadvantaged school based in the Johannesburg township of Newclare and draws 1,100 learners from the surrounding township. The education is free for all the learners, as the ‘No Fee School’ is completely government funded. But its budget is limited because the government allowance is insufficient to meet its needs and to serve the students adequately.

Nashua Mobile CEO Mark Taylor says his company was happy to step in and donate a printer – a simple piece of equipment that will make previously impossible processes far simpler. The donation marks Nashua Mobile’s first involvement in helping Newclare Primary School, but hopefully it won’t be the last, he says.

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Nashua Mobile gets Newclare primary printing