Up, Up and Away – Telco cloud computing revenue set to soar across Africa

According to a report recently issued by Informa Telecoms and Media (ITM) and Ovum, Cloud Computing services are the fastest growing new revenue opportunity worldwide for telecommunication companies. This growth is particularly prevalent across the African continent where 9 out of 10 business stakeholders say that Africa’s economic growth is strongly tied to cloud computing.

Why? Telcos are ideally placed to challenge established Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in this space although they are not as yet seen as a preferred service provider by IT decision makers. This is despite the fact telcos are themselves, cloud users and have many advantages which can be summed as follows:

• Network Ownership
• Established Infrastructure
• Partner and Support Network
• Scalbility
• Cost Savings
• Product innovation and offerings
• Financial stability
• Broad-based geographical coverage and international footprints

Because of their abaility to scale faster and more effectively than traditional IT service providers due in part to their extensive customer base, areas such as business application should be the core focus for Telcos. As SMBs are used to doing business with a Telco and have established relationships with their communication providers, it’s not a huge leap of faith for the SMB market, particulalrly across Africa, to then move their cloud computing requirements across to a cost-competitive Telco.

As a result of this burgeoning interest, AfricaCom 2013 will focus its Cloud session on showcasing the “how-to” strategies for dealing with and profiting from the advent of cloud computing in Africa.

Delegates attending this event at the CTICC on 13 November 2013 will:

• Discuss and develop the business case for launching a telco Cloud service offer
• Learn how to transform your infrastructure for deploying robust Cloud services
• Benchmark your Cloud service offering against that of leading Cloud vendors
• Uncover the secrets of a robust security and privacy framework across the region’s markets
• Explore the future role of the telco industry in the African Cloud ecosystem.

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Up, Up and Away – Telco cloud computing revenue set to soar across Africa