iPhone 5 battery live extended with the anticipated Boostcase

Boostcase for iPhone 5 has hit South African shores and follows last year’s very successful release of its predecessor the Boostcase Hybrid. Made available exclusively by Gammatek, the external battery and cover hybrid offers a very practical and nifty-looking solution to low battery issues, whether you’re commuting to work on a very important business call.

Like its predecessor, the Boostcase for iPhone 5 is essence a combination of two products; a slim, form-fitting snap-on protective hard case and a battery charger attachment both available in black bundled with a micro USB cable.

Usage is also very simple; the cover remains attached to the phone at all time while the attachable battery sleeve that can be clipped onto the back of the snap-on case in a jiffy, delivering 1,500mAh of raw, recharging power.

“The Boostcase for iPhone 5, like its predecessor, offers a great solution to low battery issues. Very easy to use and awesome looking, it adds some serious power without compromising on style and protection,” comments Zev Cherniak from Gammatek.

The case does not compromise on protection; it is made from a very study plastic and covers the back, sides and corners of the iPhone to ensure that its svelte aluminium body won’t get scratched or damaged if it happens to take a tumble.

Also, when using the battery charger, you will still have complete access to your iPhone’s buttons, ports and cameras. Plus the “Power On” V light indicates battery level.

Boostcase for iPhone 5 retails for R799 and is available from major retail, cellular and online stores.


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iPhone 5 battery live extended with the anticipated Boostcase