Avalloy saves money, improves IT systems with services from Green Apple IT

Avalloy, a South African company based near Pelindaba, is a producer of high-performance super-alloys that are used in a variety of applications, including the aerospace industry. Like any modern business, they rely heavily on technology in order to communicate, both internally and with their customers. When their internal IT administrator sadly passed away, the company turned to Green Apple IT to take over. Although the circumstances surrounding their adoption of outsourced IT services from Green Apple IT were tragic, they have since leveraged many benefits from the move, including cost savings and improved IT services.

“Before employing a full time resource to handle our IT, we had used another outsourcing company on a consulting basis, and developed a strong relationship with Hilton Bloomberg, who was our contact at the service provider. When circumstances forced us to seek another provider of IT services, we discovered that Hilton had jointly founded his own IT service company, Green Apple IT. Our existing relationship, assurance of his skills levels, and his knowledge of our environment, led us to appoint Green Apple IT as our service provider,” explains Elrie Viljoen, Chief Financial Officer in the HR department at Avalloy.

Green Apple IT seamlessly took over the running of Avalloy’s IT environment, handling everything from troubleshooting and support to software and hardware maintenance, email support and more. During the handover process, it also became clear that Green Apple IT could help to improve the efficiency of Avalloy’s infrastructure, saving costs and improving productivity while providing enhanced customer service.

“Avalloy requires approximately 20 users to have access to their IT infrastructure, and were using a Diginet link to provide connectivity. However, this solution was expensive and was not delivering the speeds they required. Avalloy’s productivity was negatively impacted by the slow connection, and since their location is fairly remote and connectivity infrastructure limited, ADSL or fibre were not options. We implemented a microwave link for Avalloy, which has not only improved connectivity speeds, but also helps them to save money,” says Dawie Bloomberg, Director at Green Apple IT.

With the microwave link implemented by Green Apple IT, Avalloy now has access to increased bandwidth speeds, four times more bandwidth capacity, and a reduction in costs of between R5 000,00 and R6 000,00 a month on average. Improved connectivity has allowed for enhanced communication and increased productivity, as users can now complete tasks in less time, with greater efficiency, than previously.

“The seamless takeover of our services has assisted us with business continuity, and the new ideas and upgraded connectivity brought to us by Green Apple IT have not only improved our systems and IT infrastructure. Green Apple IT has saved us a significant amount of money and this saving is recurring on a monthly basis. We are seeing Return on Investment (ROI) from using them as our service provider on an on-going basis, and are pleased with the levels of support and services provided,” concludes Viljoen.

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Avalloy saves money, improves IT systems with services from Green Apple IT