The Ledula Android App – Why it works better with friends

Ledula Web Services today launched their second mobile application, for Android devices. This follows the release of their first, Apple app, in August this year. Their mobile app allows Android tablet and smartphone users to make use of the free Ledula service from their Android devices. This includes finding, sharing, and rating home service providers such as plumbers, painters or builders.

The Ledula business model is based on the belief that recommendations from friends are the most trustworthy source of home service providers. “When you get a recommendation from someone you actually know there’s a very strong probability that the person recommended will do a good job. It may be less likely with a provider found via an ad or search engine,” says Gavin Welsh, Ledula National Sales Manager.

According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report, this is an increasing trend. Their research found that 92% of people surveyed were more likely to trust recommendations from people they knew, than any other form of advertising media.

For this reason, Ledula have tailored their Android app to integrate users’ Facebook friends to enhance the user experience and bridge the gap between user expectation and satisfaction.

Why the Ledula Android App works better with friends

Ledula founders are convinced that use of their Android app is greatly enhanced when combined with Facebook friends, because it broadens choice of service providers and ads an element of trust. Incorporation of friends can take place via Facebook invitations to use the service, or sharing of service provider details with phonebook contacts.

When inviting Facebook friends to use Ledula the user’s database of recommended home service providers automatically expands, lending greater choice in terms of area, expertise and personal preference. “When a friend with a lovely garden recommends a garden landscaper you know exactly what to expect. When a friend with a multimillion dollar mansion recommends their interior designer you might decide to look elsewhere. The bottom line is that your friends’ home service providers carry more weight because you know what their houses look like,” says Welsh. The service does however make provision for early adopters who do not have a large network on Ledula by recommending Premium Providers.

The trust element becomes particularly relevant when strangers enter client homes. “By making use of a provider used and trusted by someone you know personally the risk is drastically reduced,” says Welsh.

Finally, Ledula founders feel that good service and not good marketing should be rewarded. “There are excellent providers out there – small businesses who don’t have a marketing budget. By recommending these providers to friends, Ledula users are making a difference in their community,” says Welsh.

Users can download the Ledula app for Android devices free of charge from Google Play today.

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The Ledula Android App – Why it works better with friends