Online Marketing just went…. Maven

Maven – an expert. A person who is exceptionally talented in a particular field. An intense collector of information who is often first to pick up on new and nascent trends. Now imagine Mavens in the online marketing space….? Well the wait is over as Maven Agency (previously Cape Town Media) launches in the South African market.

Over the past few months, the team has been working feverishly to give their company a new look. While the company holds immense pride in their current brand, it is an advocate of change, knowing this defines innovation and keeping innovative and fresh, in line with the vibrant industry in which they operate is a key objective of this brand – therefore a name change to Maven Agency was perfect!

“To succeed in today’s complex, cluttered, and dynamic market, a company’s brand needs to be far more complex than a name, logo or advertising campaign,” said Morgan Goddard, co-founder and head of digital strategy at Maven Agency. “Rather, it has come to represent a set of expectations and associations that are evoked by a customers’ experience with the company or its product, across all points of interaction. As such, our reputation has been built upon a steady return on investment for our clients and the seamless translation of their brands into the online arena. We are passionate about Online Marketing & Development, optimising brands and creating a return on investment for our clients – and this name change is indicative of our move to the ‘next level’.”

eMarketer* estimates that content creation will increase by 15.1% in 2013 to total $118.4 billion. What’s more, according to 37% of marketing managers, the most important channel for engaging customers is content-led websites and 78% of CMOs think custom media represent that future of marketing. Adds Dawie Harmse, co-founder and head of technology at Maven Agency: “The industry is changing, technology is changing and businesses are being forced to distribute content and connect with their consumers across a multitude of platforms. It’s about being smarter, more creative and more visual – and this is how we are taking brands from being good to great in today’s dynamic yet cluttered environment.”

Having worked alongside some of South Africa’s biggest brands in achieving their desired goals, Maven Agency specialises in an array of digital services by integrating customised technology into a company’s business model to enhance the sales and marketing lifestyle, engage customers and positively impact the bottom line. The company’s body of work extends over multiple industries including: Automotive, Travel, Health Care, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Beauty, Education and Retail.

“Mavens think in a blink, know the tell-tale signs of a potential tipping point and always notice the trends. They combine intuition with facts to evoke epiphany. They actively acknowledge change, and act accordingly, while never forgetting to assess intelligently – exactly what the digital world needs. The legacy of Cape Town Media will live on, but the future is Maven Agency,” concludes Goddard.

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Online Marketing just went…. Maven