TruTeq celebrates 13 years anniversary in Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Mobile communications specialist, TruTeq Devices, has announced it has been supplying its wireless modem and router solutions to markets for the past 13 years, as markets look at ways of increasing wireless connectivity and operating efficiencies.

“We have just passed our 13 year anniversary servicing the likes of municipalities, Siemens, Road Agencies, all the Cellular Networks and especially the vast automation markets with our range of wireless connectivity solutions “said Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices.

“While we cannot drill down into details of all solutions and the specific usage of our products, what we have seen is that, regardless of industry and market segment, products sold or customer service delivery supplied, the burning issues for every business today is how to Increase income and reduce costs in a more demanding, competitive, volatile and ruthless economic environment.

“The mobile IT sector is going to account for 57% of ICT spend during 2013, which,” said Roberts, “is a staggering amount. What we are seeing on the ground is the increased desire for connectivity-and we see this via our wireless modem and router solutions.”

Roberts said TruTeq Device’s goal is to deliver this connectivity hardware at customer premises and remote sites in the field and providing interfaces to them via its GSM Network Infrastructure Monitoring and Hosting Services Solutions.

“Reduction of downtime and loss of revenue and associated expensive maintenance costs can be curbed by immediate access to sites through the Internet or Mobi application environments from mobile phones, tablets, laptops or control rooms. This, “he said, “means the finger stays on the pulse all the time.”

Pre-paid security solution

Citing an example Roberts said TruTeq Devices had recently become the first company in South African to launch a solution for the pre-paid security market in South Africa – an industry excepted to rival the pre-paid utility and airtime markets. The company has implemented a number of pilot sites for its pre-paid solutions and has already announced the signing of commercial partners throughout the continent.

“The pre-paid security solution is a prime example of how wireless solutions can boost efficiencies earn additional revenues for the service providers –and, at the same time, reduce the costs to the man in the street. With our pre-paid security solution, for instance, we are able to produce a new revenue stream for TruTeq Devices, but, on the other side of the coin, millions and millions of South Africans –who are unable to hire services of security companies –can now run their home security solutions off their cellular phones, in absolute real-time.”

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TruTeq celebrates 13 years anniversary in Wireless Connectivity Solutions