Advanced technology, brilliant colour, superb viewing – the Philips UltraWide 29-inch monitor

Take your content to a whole new level with the Philips UltraWide 29-inch monitor from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Advanced High Performance ‘In Plane’ Switching (AH-IPS) technology used for liquid crystal displays to provide consistent and accurate colour, in a 21:9 screen with true 8-bit colour depth and an Ultra Narrow Bezel deliver crystal clear images, superb colour accuracy and panoramic MultiView display for a viewing experience like no other.

Extraordinary resolution of 2560 by 1080 pixels is delivered thanks to extreme performance display panels with high-density pixel count for crystal clear, truly High Definition (HD) images. The ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio and a 178 degree viewing angle enables panoramic views from practically any angle, enabling you to open two full sized Internet pages side by side, navigate multiple applications and multitask with ease. The latest LED display technology ensures you get the best possible picture, and enhanced features make this display perfect for both work and play.

“Superior display quality automatically lends itself to gaming, videos, multimedia content viewing and home entertainment, making this monitor ideal for the discerning home user. Added to this, MultiView display lets you connect two PCs, or a PC and a notebook, to a single monitor, ideal for multitasking as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and desktop publishing applications. The wide aspect ratio also lets you view more spreadsheet columns at once, and a display port with daisy chain capability lets you connect multiple monitors together for enhanced efficiency, perfect for accountants, bankers and financial services professionals,” explains Bruce Byrne, Philips Product Specialist at DCC.

A variety of connectivity options include dual link DVI to support high video bandwidth, display port for daisy chaining multiple screens, universal HDMI to connect external HD monitors and USB 3.0 for high speed data transfer and fast charging of mobile devices. A SmartErgoBase can be lowered to almost desk level for the ultimate in comfortable customised viewing. The ultra-narrow bezel offers a minimalist design feel, with an outer bezel of just 2.5mm and an in-panel black matrix strip of 9mm, reducing overall bezel dimensions and maximising the display space on the screen.

“These smart design features and the functional specifications of the monitor make the Philips UltraWide 29-inch monitor ideal for multi-display purposes, where screens can be tiled to deliver one large seamless view,” add Byrne.

For the eco-conscious consumer, the monitor also has several green features, using a minimum of 65% post consumer recycled plastics, minimal hazardous materials and 100% recycled packaging as well as offering excellent energy efficiency and zero power consumption with a zero watt hard off switch.

The Philips UltraWide 298P4QJEB 29-inch monitor is available immediately from resellers and leading retailers for a recommended retail price of R6 600.00 including VAT.

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Advanced technology, brilliant colour, superb viewing – the Philips UltraWide 29-inch monitor