One Cloud Internet sweeping the nation from bad ISPs

A member of the youth who is livid with being over-looked and disappointed by the South African government has started a business that promises to install all infrastructure at their own cost, allowing users to connect the internet through fibre at speeds of up to 100MBPS with no need for routers, modems and dongles – over 5GHz Wi-Fi band. Imagine the same way you connect to your home Wi-Fi or work Wi-Fi network, One Cloud Internet connects you to the internet without the hassle of learning new hardware – all you need is your Wi-Fi enabled device.

With service of high speed internet service to Apartments, Stadiums and Business Parks, Residential Areas and buildings; One Cloud Internet promises a no-nonsense, hassle free solution for connecting users to the internet at speeds high above South Africa’s connectivity standard the company promises to be transparent about the usage of the network, while it will allow users to have “free time” prioritising specific downloads at certain times without compromising great service to those who use the internet for Streaming, VOIP and Browsing.

Prices are set at R49 per GB, with launch specials being offered to all initial benefactors of this service.

Price GB
R49 1GB to 19GB
R39 20GB to 39GB
R29 40GB to 69GB
R19 70GB +

Uncapped Solutions will be launched soon; as a fibre-to-home solution that promises little installation fees and no hidden costs.

In order for One Cloud Internet to install it’s services it would need approval from Body Corporate and Property Owners, once approval is granted installation takes no more than 24 hours to have clients connected to the internet. Fibre lines are limited in South Africa, the company says it is investing in infrastructure that will have as many homes in SA connected as possible, with the current fibre-available areas being selected around Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-zulu Natal.

“Smart Landlords and Property managers contact us utilizing the benefit in allowing tenants to connect to the internet without the need for the current stressful alternatives, this is why we’ve allocated R3Million towards installing all services FREE to the first 30 stadiums, Apartments, office parks etc to speeds of up to 100MBPS. We spend this money not because we are gaining customers but we are gaining partners, partners for change” – Rudzani Matshatshe (President and CEO)

Rudzani says that he is calling on all people who are tired of bad service from their ISP, join in the 100MBPS revolution and show them we mean business.

The company also consults and installs secure Wireless Networks to businesses who have adopted the benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), as employees start to purchase Smart Phones that could both benefit the organization and also harm it if it is not secured correctly.

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One Cloud Internet sweeping the nation from bad ISPs