Access security: Duxbury-designed demo at AfricaCom

One of the focal points of the Duxbury Networking stand at AfricaCom, Africa’s largest annual communications congress and exhibition (12-14 November), will be a specially designed security surveillance system combining the strengths of two key vendors – 2N and Snom.

“We will be demonstrating a Duxbury-engineered security solution highlighting the most significant technology advancements in the video surveillance and IP [Internet Protocol] telephony arenas, says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking.

The ‘demo’ is designed to give visitors to AfricaCom an insight into the latest access control systems, modern high-resolution video cameras and Snom phones within the context of corporate PABX communication networks.

“2N offerings include variable communication systems supporting both voice and video transmissions, while Snom packages represent high-end, secure and cost-effective telephony solutions, increasingly sought after as the IP and telecommunications industries continue to converge,” adds Robb.

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Access security: Duxbury-designed demo at AfricaCom