Vox Telecom introduces exciting Apple TV promotion

Vox Telecom will be giving away an Apple TV to customers that sign up for their new 100GB and above Fat Pipe ADSL packages between now and 31 January 2014. Fat Pipe is a premium ADSL product that offers high-quality bandwidth at less than R4 per GB. As an added benefit, customers also receive free rollover of data, making Fat Pipe a compelling alternative to uncapped products.

“Fat Pipe offers a sophisticated, unshaped ADSL experience, traditionally only available at much higher prices,” says Head of Marketing, Clayton Timcke. “Fat Pipe offers customers exactly what they pay for, a high quality internet experience at an affordable price.” At less than R4/GB and with unused data that always rolls over, Fat Pipe is the ideal solution for both customers that regularly use applications such as online gaming, video streaming or file sharing, and businesses that require premium ADSL.

In addition, customers that sign up for a 24-month contract of 100GBs or more per month before 31 January 2014 will receive an Apple TV, absolutely free. “Apple TV is the perfect addition to your in-house media experience, and lets you stream all the video content in the iTunes Store to your HD TV,” says Timcke. “It also has one of the best user interfaces on the market, making it an ideal product for movie, music and TV fans.”

Apple TV needs fast, high quality bandwidth to run optimally. “With Fat Pipe, we’re giving our customers the best possible internet experience at the lowest price, and an Apple TV is the ideal product to enjoy with Fat Pipe.”

While Fat Pipe is offered from 50GB bundles upwards, however, only customers that opt for the 100GB plus packages on a 24-month contract will qualify for the free Apple TV.

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Vox Telecom introduces exciting Apple TV promotion