New device from Deliberant boosts satellite dish performance

Duxbury Networking has released a new CPE (customer-premises equipment) MiMo (multiple-input, multiple-output) device from its principal Deliberant designed to provide increased performance, including system gain and reception distance, with standard satellite offset dish antennae.

A key advantage of the new Deliberant APC Echo 5 model is its mounting system, says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking. “Designed for long distance connectivity – up to 50 km – the aluminium housing improves RF [radio frequency] performance, allowing solid communications in interference-laden environments as well as providing strength against the elements.”

Another benefit of the APC Echo 5 is Deliberant’s extended two-year warranty, available through Duxbury, which sets it apart from many of its competitors, according to Robb.

The product is equipped with a high output power MiMo radio – up to 28 dBm – and can be coupled either to Deliberant’s 27 dBi dual-polarised, offset satellite dish antenna, or to a number of third-party dish antennae.

With Deliberant’s dual firmware image feature, remote software upgrades are assured even if a power failure interrupts the process. The device will restart using the prior firmware in the event of an upgrade failure.

The APC Echo 5’s operating system (OS) supports network bridge/router and wireless repeater modes. (Re¬peater mode allows the product to operate as an access point and as a station at the same time.)

The Deliberant OS also supports Deliberant’s iPoll, a proprietary wireless communication technology geared to increasing through¬put and packet-per-second performance while stabilising network latency.

Other features include an Adobe Flex based GUI (graphical user interface) providing instant reconfiguration without a reboot. A number of installation tools (site survey, delayed reboot, spectrum analyser, ping and trace-route) are supplied as standard. It is compatible with our Deliberant’s cloud based Wireless Network Management System (WNMS).

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New device from Deliberant boosts satellite dish performance