Trade-in programme announced by Citrix

Westcon Security Solutions – Data is set to assist Citrix resellers with the vendor’s recently launched trade-in programme the ‘Branch Repeater 85XX/88XX Buy Back Program’ for its now end of sale, 8500 and 8800 Repeater Units.

The programme supports the adoption of CloudBridge in the marketplace by offering a Buy Back Program that gives participants a 10% discount off of Program SRP, that will be provided for the trade in of a Branch Repeater 85XX/88XX product, and supplied towards the purchase of a new CloudBridge 2000-XXX or 3000-XXX

All Citrix partners and customers are eligible for the programme, and can take advantage of the discount until 24 December 2013. When qualifying for this program, customers must bear in mind that although the number of appliances traded in may differ from the number of new appliances being purchased, the trade in discount is based on the lesser of the number of new Citrix appliances being ordered or the number of legacy appliances being traded in.

In addition, the Citrix legacy appliance being traded in does not have to be the same edition as the new Citrix appliance being purchased. Customers can also purchase higher product family editions than the product being traded in. Appliances that are traded in do not have to be on a current maintenance contract.

The trade-in programme provides partners with the opportunity to revisit its customers who have had repeater units for a long duration and assist them in upgrading it to new hardware, with monetary savings.

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Trade-in programme announced by Citrix