Premium broadcast image quality, performance and reliability – new Ellipse 3000 contribution encoders

Broadcasters can now transmit pristine real-time video over satellite and broadband contribution networks with the new Ellipse 3000 series of contribution encoders, available from Graphic Image Technologies (GIT). Developed by Harmonic, leaders in video delivery infrastructure, the Ellipse 3000 encodes at the highest possible picture quality at the front end of the broadcast chain, employing leading-edge compression technologies to ensure crystal clear image quality.

“The Ellipse 3000 encoders bring a new level of video quality and workflow efficiency to broadcast contribution applications. With multi-format, multi-codec versatility, low latency and an optional integrated modulator, they are the ideal versatile and cost-effective compression solution for both digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) operations, live sports coverage, fixed contributions and any other application where premium image quality and high performance are critical,” says Mark Chertkow, Managing Director of GIT.

The Ellipse 3000 encoders support all standard definition and high definition MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC codecs, at 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 chroma sub-sampling and 8- or 10-bit compression. They also support full firmware upgradability for enhanced future-proof ability, and have a compact footprint with plug and play deployment for lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Options for re-multiplexing and cascading allow the devices to operate on a stand-alone basis without the need for external multiplexers or PSI generators.

Using the industry’s most advanced compression technologies, the Ellipse 3000 encoders offer superior quality compression at data rates of up to 80 Megabits per second (Mbps). High-speed transmission of up to 20 Mbps is made possible thanks to advanced encoding and transmission via satellite. Dual independent encoding enables a single source to be encoded to two different codecs, ideal for broadcast in both standard and High Definition (HD).

Low latency and resiliency against packet loss ensure smooth broadcasts and eliminate awkward pauses during handoffs between the field and the studio. Multiple single-program transport streams can be created to multi-cast up to 16 different ports or IP addresses, and an integrated modulator enables highly efficient utilisation of transponder bandwidth. All of this is packaged into a 1RU device that does not require ventilation space above or below, saving valuable space and reducing power consumption.

“Aside from their impressive technical specs, the Ellipse encoders also offer a number of business benefits. These include pristine video quality with pay as you grow scalability and low Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) thanks to integrated modulators that eliminate the need for costly external devices for satellite uplink. The devices also incorporate alternate distribution channels in the event of a link failure for integrated redundant path support, and help to prevent signal interception with industry-standard encryption,” Chertkow adds.

The Ellipse 3000 is available in two models:

  • Ellipse 3100 – for fixed contribution over IP networks, featuring simultaneous IP and DVB-ASI outputs.
  • Ellipse 3200 – for DSNG applications. This model adds an integrated DVB-S/S2/DSNG modulator with simultaneous L-band, IF and DVB-ASI output.

Both models and demo units are available immediately from Graphic Image Technologies.




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Premium broadcast image quality, performance and reliability – new Ellipse 3000 contribution encoders