New Jasco APS solution from Jasco Power Solutions delivers constant three-phase power

Jasco Power Solutions has recently launched its new Auto Phase Selector (APS) to protect mission-critical equipment at telecommunications and GSM base stations by ensuring continuous clean power for sites where the mains power supply is irregular and unstable. By providing a constant three phases of electricity at all times, the APS enables equipment to continue to run on utility power without the need for a backup generator until all phases are either out of specified tolerance or are completely unavailable.

In instances where the supply of one or two phases of a three-phase electrical system becomes unavailable, the APS will automatically distribute the electrical supply to the failed phases using instant automatic phase switchover. The result is that all three outputs remain in phase without a dangerous phase shift occurring, and ensures a continuous power supply through all three-phase outputs, even if only one phase is available. The load is redistributed from three lines to two or even a single phase in line, preventing the resultant issues and damage to sensitive equipment that can occur from a load imbalance.

“The Jasco APS has been designed specifically for the telecommunications and GSM segments, and is 100% locally fabricated to meet the needs of the African market. In many environments where these industries operate, the base stations are located in areas where mains power supply is unhealthy or is not entirely stable. This means that equipment that requires three-phase power to run can easily be damaged and service disrupted should one or more of the phases go down,” says Marco da Silva, General Manager, Jasco Power Solutions.

“To counter that, the majority of carriers rely on generators, which kick in the moment one phase is unavailable. This is a costly process as the diesel required to run the generators can be expensive, and this method can also disrupt service levels as generators start up. Using the Jasco APS, the reliance on generators is reduced, as this solution automatically continues to supply three phases even if only one phase of utility power is available,” he explains.

The Jasco APS is immune to excessive overvoltage between any phase and neutral. This means that should a phase imbalance occur, often as a result of the loss of the neutral line, equipment connected to the APS will be protected from overvoltage situations that can blow equipment up, causing massive disruptions and additional expenses. The APS also protects from load misbalance, a common occurrence when phases are disrupted and phase shifting occurs that can cause sustained increases or decrease in voltage, which can seriously damage expensive equipment. By ensuring that all phases remain stable at 120 degrees, this scenario is avoided.

“The Jasco APS also incorporates advanced Solid State Relays (SSR) technology for fast switchover. This ensures that the load is not interrupted, which prevents disruptions in service, and further protects equipment from the dangers of unhealthy power supply. In scenarios where all three phases are available, the APS runs invisibly, maintaining the original phase line power distribution. By implementing this APS solution, telecoms and GSM carriers can minimise the impact of unstable power and reduce their reliance on generators, saving time and money as well as protecting vital equipment,” da Silva concludes.

The Jasco APS is available immediately from Jasco Power Solutions.


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New Jasco APS solution from Jasco Power Solutions delivers constant three-phase power