Taking mobility into Africa

NETCB, one of Novell’s mobility partners in Africa, has introduced a range of mobile solutions for the African market. This complete mobility solution for enterprises provides comprehensive mobile device management, it ensures secure mobile productivity and delivers safe file sharing and mobile printing capabilities from any device.

As the workplace environment becomes increasingly more mobile, NETCB is dedicated to delivering enterprise-quality solutions that allow organisations to meet employee demand for anywhere, anytime access while providing IT with control in the digital landscape.

NETCB’s CEO Cobus Burgers says mobility is expanding rapidly through the African continent. “The introduction of enterprise mobility to the IT environment is about much more than just facilitating BYOD. It’s about tangibly enhancing productivity without compromising security.”

“But for IT departments, increasing mobility means problems, strange devices on their doorstep, corporate files wandering the cloud and users demanding the office infrastructure on every device,” he explains.

More than 60 percent of knowledge workers believe that they don’t need an office to do their job. They are becoming more mobile and they use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to do their work. However, more than 50 percent of these mobile workers ask for mobile printing options as a critical requirement.

And while everybody seems to share corporate files, 77 percent of organisations reportedly don’t have a solution for secure Enterprise Mobile File Synchronisation and Sharing implemented yet.

NETCB’s rapidly growing mobility portfolio was developed to provide solutions to allow businesses to adapt to the constantly evolving mobile workforce. These solutions allow them to embrace BYOD and other mobile-focused trends while providing IT with the resources to maintain control and security of data, no matter where it is accessed or from what device.

More importantly, NETCB understands what the world looks like from a customer perspective. It deploys world-class products that can help address business challenges, capitalise on industry trends and meet the needs of disparate users more effectively than ever before.

He says the introduction of enterprise mobility to the IT environment is about much more than just facilitating BYOD. “It’s about tangibly enhancing productivity without compromising security. Meeting your organisation’s needs for secure and productive user mobility requires a multi-faceted approach, one that includes letting users access and work on files from anywhere, print easily to any printer from any location and manage whatever devices they choose to use to perform those tasks.”

There are many vendors claiming to offer “Dropbox for the enterprise,” but true mobile enterprise file sharing demands more than a pithy slogan. It requires a high level of security and accountability, thorough controls and other features that empower IT to protect an organisation’s interests.

“If you’re looking for a complete mobility solution for your enterprise, one that includes safe file sharing, mobile device management and printing from any device, NETCB’s mobility experts can demonstrate how to leverage your existing infrastructure effectively to make it work in a mobile context,” says Burgers.


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Taking mobility into Africa