Cares for Claire

Cares for Claire ( is a non-profit company that was set up to raise funds for an 18-month old girl suffering from Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukaemia.

Her grandfather Gary Hart is campaigning to try and get enough money together for the bone marrow transplant she needs to keep her alive. This is the only known cure and the cancer has a 100% mortality rate if untreated.

Claire is currently under the care of the Red Cross and her medical aid, as well as the state, has turned down her request for the international procurement of bone marrow cells.

There are two potential donors in Israel and with enough funding, they will need around R300,000 depending on the exchange rate, she may be able to get a transplant as soon January or February next year.

Mr. Hart has created a Facebook page where people can keep track of the progress and read the files on the most recent medical reports:

Anyone looking to assist can contact Gary via this Facebook page.

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Cares for Claire