COOKOO smartwatch extends our digital lives beautifully

Gammatek has launched COOKOO, a beautifully designed smartwatch that combines analogue movement with digital display, seamlessly extending and managing your connected life.

The COOKOO, which has already raked up four international design awards*, features a smart and user-friendly interface which enables you to easily manage your phone, apps and social networks.

Available in black and white, the COOKOO offers an extra-long battery life with no charging which is a major differentiator. The watch uses a standard CR2032 button-cell battery that is easy to replace plus it will also remind that your smartphone battery is getting low.

“The COOKOO smartwatch is a practical and gorgeously designed extension of our digital lives. It is very easy to use and features such as “find my phone” makes it an invaluable accessory. With smartwatches gaining a lot of traction locally, the COOKOO is set to become a major player,” comments Zev Cherniak from Gammatek.

The COOKOO is compatible with all iOS 7 and Android 4.3 devices and the COOKOO Life App is available for download from the relevant app stores. The COOKOO Life App for example enables you to control the alerts and notifications you receive on the COOKOO watch whether you want to be notified by an icon, beep, or vibration.

Also, the customisable COMMAND button allows for specific actions such as snapping photos remotely, one-button Facebook check-in and tagging a location on a map.

The COOKOO smartwatch and Life App offer great features such as:

• Incoming and missed calls alerts
• Calendar reminders
• Social media posts and messages
• Out of range notification and low battery alert
• Photo/Video camera remote control
• Find My Phone feature
• One-button music control
• One-button Facebook check-in

The COOKOO smartwatch retails for R1699 and is available from Musica and Incredible Connection.

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COOKOO smartwatch extends our digital lives beautifully