Apple iPads to come increasingly under attack by Android devices?

Apple iPads, still by far the top seller in the international tablet ‘war’, will come under increasing attack from cheaper Android-run tablets – but it remains off a low base, said Christopher Riley, CEO of laptop and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company.

“Tablet sales, according to IDC, reached the 221 million mark in 2013, up a whopping 53% on the previous year. Although the analyst is talking about a drop in tablet sales this year, whatever happens with the ultimate sales figures, you can be sure competition between the top players will continue to be severe.”

He said he expects Android-driven devices to gain “significant ground from a percentage point of view” against iPads this year – and next year. “One of the compelling reasons for this, is the fact that Android tablets are markedly cheaper. Apple is also trying to attack the Chinese market. If they manage to make inroads there they might not lose too much ground, percentage-wise.”

“But,” said Riley, “China is a really tough market and Apple doesn’t really have a devout following there like it has in other parts of the world. In China, consumers are more likely to eschew the iPad in favour of cheaper units.”

Some of the latest figures show that the Microsoft Surface tablet and the Samsung tablet have gained market share during 2013- although Apple iPads still hold 78% of the market, down from 81% in 2012.

The data -compiled by Chitika from ad impressions in North America in January this year – show that Microsoft reported a more than doubling of revenue with the Surface, to $893 million. It now holds 1.7% in this market, while Samsung commands 6,1% and Google 1.9%.

Amazon holds a substantial 7.7% with its kindle, with Asus coming in at 0.6% and Acer 0.5%. Blackberry holds a troubling 0.2 %.

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Apple iPads to come increasingly under attack by Android devices?