Vox Telecom to extend high-speed internet and Apple TV promotion, slashes prices

Vox Telecom will be giving away an Apple TV to customers that sign up for their 75GB and above Fat Pipe ADSL package. Fat Pipe is a premium ADSL product that offers high-quality bandwidth at less than R3,50 per GB. As an added benefit, customers also receive free rollover of data, making Fat Pipe a compelling alternative to uncapped products.

This offer had previously only been available to customers signing up for a 100GB per month or higher package upon signing a 24-month contract. “In addition, we’ve decided to change the contract terms to a month-to-month basis, allowing our customers greater flexibility,” says Clayton Timcke, Head of Marketing for Vox Telecom. “Customers have the option of cancelling the contract at any time, although they will be required to pay the balance of the cost of the Apple TV in the event of an exit, as ownership only transfers to the subscriber after 24 months.”

Fat Pipe is a fast, unshaped ADSL offering the best user experience to customers at a low price. All unused data rolls over on a month-to-month base, allowing customers to accumulate large volumes of data for uses such as online gaming, video streaming or file sharing. When the service launched at the end of 2013, it was priced at less than R4 per GB, although Timcke has confirmed that Vox Telecom has since lowered the price even further. “Vox Telecom is committed to providing customers with an internet service that is not only of the highest calibre in the country, but also one of the most affordable,” says Timcke. “Fat Pipe is definitely the product that will give you the most value for money in terms of quality and price.”

Customers that sign up for a contract of 75GBs or more per month will receive an Apple TV that can be used a personal media hub. “Fat Pipe is the perfect tool to enjoy Apple TV with, as it is well-suited to functionalities such as streaming video or audio content to HDTV.”

To take advantage of the promotion, customers can sign up online at www.voxtelecom.co.za.

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Vox Telecom to extend high-speed internet and Apple TV promotion, slashes prices