Patton announces Global partnership with Yealink, offering a bundled VoIP solution distributed by Nology

Combining Patton’s SmartNode VoIP Gateways and Yealink’s IP Phones, the two companies offer a cost-effective, bundled, plug-and-play telephony solution distributed by Nology.

“This powerful global partnership with Patton is a milestone for Yealink,” said Stone Lu, Vice President of Yealink, “on the way to committing to ‘Easy VoIP.’ Together we can deliver much more possibilities on the growing communication for our customers.”

Patton Electronics — US manufacturer of award-winning SmartNode™ VoIP equipment, is pleased to announce a new long-term partnership with Yealink Network Technology — a ‘Top Three’ global leader in reliable, high-quality, easy-to-install and low-cost innovative IP phones.

The new partnership will offer an advanced suite of innovative solutions for telecommunication markets worldwide. Among the first fruits of the new partnership has been a cost-effective, bundled, plug-and-play telephony solution for enterprises, released jointly through the South African distribution partner Nology.

“The best-of-breed solution comes out of the box plug-and-play” says Tyler Delin, Product Manager at Patton. “That makes it easy to sell, easy to install, easy to support and our SmartNode Gateways ensure the solution works in any office.”

The bundled telephony solution includes Patton’s SmartNode Branch eXchange (SNBX) — an IP-PBX appliance preloaded with Windows 7 and 3CX Phone System — bundled with your choice of Yealink phones.

The final piece of the bundle is a Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateway or Router that provides such additional capabilities as:

• Legacy Integration for analogue phones, fax, POTS lines, PSTN fallback/breakout, key systems and more.
• Bandwidth Management for all-IP environments, including QoS, transcoding, WAN optimisation and more.
• Security and Interoperability features including VoIP-over-VPN, IPsec encryption, IKE, SIP normalisation, back-to-back user agent, and others.

More breakthroughs are expected in the near future as the two innovators continue to work closely together.

The two industry leaders recently joined forces and appeared together at the CommunicAsia communications technology conference and exhibition in Singapore — as well as several road shows in Italy, Canada and the USA.

Many additional co-operative appearances at international venues are planned for the near future. Recently, Patton also announced the new CopperLink 2300 line-bonding Ethernet-over-copper extender series featuring remote management capability and such security features as SSH and Stateful Firewall.

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Patton announces Global partnership with Yealink, offering a bundled VoIP solution distributed by Nology