Industrial PoE switch from Duxbury Networking

In a bid to simplify the installation of network devices such as IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points, IP phones and other PoE (power over Ethernet) enabled devices in hard-to-reach, outdoor and remote areas, Duxbury Networking has released a ruggedized, five-port industrial Ethernet switch designed to meet the demands of the most challenging network environments.

The Lantech IPES-0005T-4B is a 5-port unmanaged Gigabit switch protected by a compact metal housing rated IP-30 to guard against foreign particle ingress in dusty environments. Rack- or wall-mounted, it has also passed industrial EMI (electromagnetic interference) tests and has proven resilience to shock and vibration. It is capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions – from -40 deg C to +75 deg C.

“With data and power over Ethernet, the Lantech switch is able to reduce cable installation complexity and minimise or eliminate the need for electrical outlets,” says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking, who adds that energy saving is also a key feature of the device.

The Lantech includes a redundant power supply and advanced management functions including EFT (electrical fast transients) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection to guard against current overloads and unstable power- line environments. An alarm system is featured, geared to notify the network administrator should problems occur.

The Lantech IPES-0005T-4B is capable of powering 24-volt or 48-volt devices, delivering up to 24 watts of power per port via RJ45 cables.

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Industrial PoE switch from Duxbury Networking