Gemalto enables trusted services in the all things mobile

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to enable customers to offer trusted services at every point throughout the mobile value chain, together creating the Mobile Trust Net. As part of this Mobile Trust Net range of offers, Gemalto’s embedded software, secure devices, platforms and hosted services create a secure eco-system in which end users can have confidence in the ability of their mobile devices to manage sensitive data. With six billion mobile connections in a consumer-centric world where new relationships and business models are being defined, the need to establish this Mobile Trust Net is poised to underpin the rapid developments in Mobile Payments, Mobile ID, Mobile Connectivity and the Internet of Things.

Powerful mobile technologies and consumer trends are converging at breakneck speed around the world. LTE networks are proliferating, contactless smartphones becoming more and more widespread, and, by 2020, an estimated 50 billion machines will be interconnected. Operators, banks, retailers, enterprises and governments alike are looking to harness these changes, creating new revenue streams and strengthening customer loyalty. Creating a trusted service-deployment environment enables every player in the mobile arena to build and implement new value-added services that their customers want quickly, easily, securely and cost effectively.

The full range of Mobile Trust Net solutions leverages Gemalto’s unique position at the heart of mobile convergence, unrivaled security expertise and incorporates recognised global standards to address all the key security points within the mobile services value chain. Scalability and reliability will determine the most critical assets in the coming years for service providers aspiring to engage with billions of end users and ensure the ability to handle potentially explosive rates of service adoption.

The Mobile Trust Net in action is for instance reflected:

  • In Hong Kong, where the UpTeq Multi-tenant NFC SIM is allowing residents to use their mobile NFC devices to pay for travel on public transport, shop at retail outlets and pay for car parking.
  •  In the M2M sector, Gemalto is enabling automotive OEMs to deploy innovative service offers to end customers, using the Advanced Subscription Manager to support instant connectivity and flexible mobile subscription.
  • In Mobile Retail, enterprises are partnering with Gemalto to strengthen and personalise customer relationships, using tools that include powerful, multi-channel Mobile Wallets to reach beyond payments and encompass the entire shopping experience.
  • In Mobile ID, Gemalto is empowering mobile phone users by allowing them to authenticate, digitally sign and confirm transactions and payments, anytime and anywhere, direct from their handsets.

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Gemalto enables trusted services in the all things mobile