Store, stream and share on your tablet or Smartphone with the Verbatim MediaShare Wireless from DCC

As mobility gains impetus in the South African market, many users face the challenge of limited storage on their tablets and Smartphones. Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is solving this problem with the introduction of Verbatim’s MediaShare Wireless, a portable wireless streaming device for your tablet or Smartphone, allowing you to store, stream and share no matter where you are.

“The problem users usually face with their tablet or Smartphone is a lack of available memory to access music, movies or videos. With the Verbatim MediaShare, users are able to access and share their content without any wires or Internet connection by making use of the wireless functionality,” says Ruben Naicker, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC.

Verbatim’s MediaShare allows you to connect up to five Android or Apple devices and wirelessly stream videos, music, photos and data, all at the same time. Users can access, share and save music and videos connecting their Smartphone wirelessly, portable hard drive via the USB port or by inserting a memory card into the MediaShare. This also allows you to backup all your photos, music and videos currently stored on your mobile device or portable hard drive onto the MediaShare.

Security is also essential, especially with wireless connectivity. Rest-assured the Verbatim MediaShare has you covered. Featuring password protected wireless access you can be at ease knowing that your data is safe and secure at all times.

The Verbatim MediaShare provides you with up to nine hours of video playback. Furthermore, you can charge your Smartphone off the MediaShare’s battery by plugging your phone or tablet into the MediaShare via the USB port. Furthermore, the MediaShare’s re-chargeable batteries can be charged using a PC, laptop, Verbatim PowerPack or a normal power plug with your Smartphone charger.

“Providing you with even more choice and options, the Verbatim MediaShare App is available to download from the AppStore or Google Play for free. The App allows you to connect with your Verbatim MediaShare, copy files from your USB or SD memory card to the MediaShare and from your MediaShare to your USB or SD, and change your wireless settings. The portable Verbatim MediaShare is ideal for people on the move, allowing them to wirelessly access their data, all the time,” concludes Naicker.

The Verbatim MediaShare Wireless is available now from DCC and select retail outlets at a recommended retail price of R552.00 inclusive of VAT.

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Store, stream and share on your tablet or Smartphone with the Verbatim MediaShare Wireless from DCC