Vox Telecom’s YahClick wins International Innovation Award

Vox Telecom’s broadband satellite service, YahClick, has been named the winner of the YahSat Innovation Award at their annual Service Partners ceremony in Abu Dhabi. This award is granted to the service partners who perform exceptionally well in terms of product and service development of their respective satellite solutions.

According to the panel responsible for naming the winners, YahClick stood out by not only contributing significantly to the development of the YahClick satellite products and technology but also through their use of a converged model, integrating satellite broadband with services such as IP telephony, CCTV and video streaming.

“We are extremely pleased with the acknowledgement we’ve received from YahSat,” says Jacques Visser, Project Manager for YahClick. “Our goal was to encourage customers to make full use of the opportunities that satellite could offer, particularly SMEs and individuals in rural South Africa, and we are pleased that that has happened.”

The company was lauded for allowing customers to opt into a number of packages that pairs voice solutions, CCTV, or other communication services such as domain registration and hosting when they sign on to make use of the broadband service.

“This is part of Vox Telecom’s commitment to offering customers the full range of telecommunications’ services, as required,” says Visser.

Close to 4000 South Africans have become YahClick customers since it launched at the end of 2012. It is particularly popular in rural communities that do not have access to cable-based and wireless Internet services, or who are vulnerable to cable theft and require a reliable internet connection.

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Vox Telecom’s YahClick wins International Innovation Award