IP-based video camera systems from Duxbury Networking

Bolstering its portfolio of Internet Protocol (IP) based video surveillance systems, Duxbury Networking has released a new range of cameras and network video recorder (NVR) platforms from its principal, ACTi Corporation.

“The company is recognised as a technology leader,” says Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking. “In addition to IP cameras, ACTi develops its own hardware- and software-based NVR platforms.”

He says a feature of the ACTi brand is its line-up of high definition (HD) 10 megapixel network cameras delivering an image resolution at least three times higher than conventional analogue CCTV cameras.

“In demanding applications, such as in point-of-sales monitoring, it’s vital to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene,” says Robb. “In these instances the HD cameras provide the ability to clearly see every item being purchased by a customer along with facial identity.”

He says the ability to combine HD and non-megapixel network cameras optimised for other needs – such as powerful optical zoom, extreme light sensitivity or low cost – is key to creating corporate-wide video surveillance networks that are effective, reliable and cost-efficient.

“Applications where a mix of cameras may be applicable include parking lot surveillance. Here there are likely to be two requirements: to indentify empty spaces, rather than individual cars in the lot and also for driver identity or license plate recording at points of entry and exit. Cost-effective coverage can be achieved with a combination of HD and non-megapixel networked cameras,” explains Robb.

ACTi IP cameras allow network designers and systems integrators to link with many third party VMS (virtual memory system) recording solutions. Alternatively, a unified ACTi solution may be specified.
All ACTi cameras – covering the one to 10 megapixel spectrum – include an image signal processor (ISP) designed and manufactured by ACTi which is compatible with many lens options. It facilitates clear, precisely focused video images, even in low light applications.

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IP-based video camera systems from Duxbury Networking