Access control and time attendance systems key to improved business security and efficiency

The Department of Basic Education is equipping 24 000 schools with biometric clocking devices in a bid to solve the challenge of teacher absenteeism, highlighting the growing trend for organisations to utilise real-time statistics to improve efficiencies and security.

This is according to Mario Martins, Divisional Director of CSX Customer Services, a group company of JSE-listed Metrofile Holdings Limited, who says that improved access and security controls are becoming a critical component within organisations across all sectors. “Realising this need, CSX Customer Services has introduced a new biometric access control and time and attendance system to its range of products.”

Martins says that the ISGUS Zeus management system is a biometric system that only allows controlled access into areas that have been pre-determined by the user, which is done by means of either finger print recognition or a proximity card. “The product aims to enhance existing security, to ensure that only authorised staff are allowed into a building or sensitive area.”

”The rationale behind introducing this product is that it works in conjunction with existing security systems to enhance the service. “This type of technology is critical for organisations and educational institutions, where security and control to sensitive or confidential information is extremely important. The system controls access, as well as monitoring the time/attendance and productivity of staff in real-time.”

He points out that businesses that could benefit from these systems include high staff traffic industries, such as the mining sector as well as high security areas including banking environments.

Martins says the system has multiple functions, which enable businesses to monitor the hours worked including overtime, leave, and sickness. “This is beneficial for businesses as these types of systems are able to eliminate the need to do manual calculations and directly port the number of working hours into a payroll system.”

“By recording time and attendance, human resource departments are able to use the data provided by these systems during labour negotiations when dealing with reviews, including remuneration based work attendance,” he says.

“Biometric technology could be highly beneficial to organisations looking to protect their data or sensitive information, as it is able to control access, as well as increase the monitoring and security controls of restricted areas,” concludes Martins.

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Access control and time attendance systems key to improved business security and efficiency