Micron and crucial introduce next-generation SSD for personal storage, media and entertainment markets

New M550 SSD Offers Faster Performance, Longer Battery Life and High-Capacity Storage with Advanced Feature Set

Everyone loves SSD drives. Well at least everyone who has tried one does. The only real criticism that could be levelled at the majority of SSDs we’ve seen in the past is that they are in terms of storage, a bit small. The Crucial M550 which is being launched today just knocks that criticism right out of the ball park.

A breakthrough in innovation the, Crucial M550 SSD is over 20 times faster than a typical hard drive and consumes significantly less power. It enables your computer to boot up almost immediately, load files and programmes almost instantly, accelerate demanding applications, and manage power so that your battery lasts up to 50 minutes longer. Backed by the most advanced feature set available – Native Write Acceleration, RAIN technology, Adaptive Thermal Protection, hardware-based encryption, and our exclusive data integrity algorithm – the Crucial M550 delivers a complete performance gain that’s measured by far more than just specs.

The performance of the M550 is exactly what we would expect from an SSD – fast, quiet and efficient, the generous (in SSD terms) storage capacity makes the Crucial M550 a winner.

  • Consistently fast speeds, no exceptions – The Crucial M550 treats all files the same, regardless of whether they’re compressed or uncompressed
  • Achieve top speeds without sacrificing reliability – Normally as an SSDs level of performance increases, its level of reliability decreases. Not with the Crucial M550, who have leveraged their expertise to create RAIN (redundant array of independent NAND) this technology protects your data at the component level.
  • Save on power costs and enjoy longer battery life – Run your system longer than ever before and use less power. The Crucial M550 is 94% more energy efficient than conventional HDD
  • Secure and protect your data – As a self-encrypting drive, the Crucial M550 incorporates the highest level of hardware encryption into the controller, allowing the drive to operate at full speed without performance loss associated with software-based encryption. The Crucial M550 is one of the only drives on the market to meet the rigorous requirements of TCG Opal 2.0, IEEE-1667, and Microsoft eDrive.
  • Keep your system cool – even when you overwork it – Push your drive to the limit and avoid overheating, even in ultra-small, thermally constrained systems. The Crucial M550 includes Adaptive Thermal Protection technology, which enables the drive to dynamically adjust NAND activity based on usage demands. With this technology, the drive is able to maintain optimal operating temperatures, even when you overwork it.
  • Store up to 1TB – Available in capacities up to 1TB, the Crucial M550 provides plenty of space to store large programs and your ever-growing collection of photos, videos, music, and work files. Available in the form factors of today (2.5-inch and mSATA), and tomorrow (M.2), the Crucial M550 is designed to go the distance.
    The 2.5 inch version is designed primarily for desktop or laptop applications. The mSATA and M.2 versions designed primarily for ultrathin, tablet, or all-in-one PC applications.

Ryan Martyn, (Director of Syntech – specialist Technology  Distributor) comments:  “The Crucial M550 offers a faster, more responsive computing experience, and offers exceptional added value. The Crucial M550 will be available at Syntech soon. ”



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Micron and crucial introduce next-generation SSD for personal storage, media and entertainment markets