TrustaTAG systems revolutionises healthcare with Microsoft TAG technology

Using a ubiquitous scanning solution, TrustaTAG Systems is changing the face of consumer access to medical information.

Established in 2010, TrustaTAG Systems is currently altering the face of international product labeling and consumer access to information through the use of innovative technologies.

Having recently introduced its patented TrustaTAG and PharmaTAG systems to the medical and pharmacological markets, this homegrown organisation is beginning to attract significant governmental and multi-national corporate attention.

Complying with consumer information legislation on limited product packaging space is a challenge for many businesses – particularly those within the medical industry where lawful expectations are often lengthy and complex.

With cellular handset usage expected to exceed the total global population in 2014, the utilisation of mobile platforms for both consumer information and management is an obvious solution.

Employing Microsoft TAG technology, TrustaTAG Systems has constructed a comprehensive packaging and product management tool –TrustaTAG.

This platform allows consumers to scan a tag image housed on a box or container using any smart or feature phone device. Significantly, TrustaTAG automatically redirects the user to a portal that offers product information in an easily understood format and language.

TrustaTAG Systems Chief Executive Office, Ian Puttergill – a former Microsoft Africa Developer Platform lead, admits that Microsoft’s TAG technology has been absolutely vital to the success of TrustaTAG.

“Microsoft TAG is unique in that it can be applied to any packaging surface, at almost any size and still operate in a superior manner when compared to more traditional QR or DataMatrix code formats”.

“Furthermore, the fact that TAG is feature phone friendly has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. At present, the vast majority of African mobile users own devices of this nature. Giving these individuals the power to access valuable product information via even basic networks such as GPRS is significant. It has also made the management of key medications such as antiretroviral solutions far more comprehensive and reliable”.

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TrustaTAG systems revolutionises healthcare with Microsoft TAG technology