Johnson Controls’ new modular mini-chiller provides affordable and scalable solutions

Johnson Controls has introduced its line of modular mini chillers to provide easy installation, affordability and scalability for small and large facilities in South Africa. Each module is designed to integrate easily with each other, giving users the right amount of cooling or heating and cooling capacity based on changing needs. Customers can chose two options — air-cooled chiller or air-source heat pump – and combine up to eight units per central controller as well as integrate other building systems for maximum efficiency.

Says Russell Hattingh of Johnson Controls Systems & Service: “These mini modular chillers have been available globally for a number of years and have proven tremendously popular due to their small footprint providing robust and flexible design, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. With the launch of our mini-chillers globally, we bring these benefits to local users. They ship fast, are a breeze to install and easy to scale to the capacity needed.”

The chillers come with the base module assembled and are accompanied by component kits designed for fast assembly. A key differentiator in this size chiller is that a header pipe is built into the chiller. It is accompanied by a pipe kit designed to fit together easily with flex coupling, facilitating easy integration of more chillers in a number of configurations.

An integrated six-inch water pipe collector comes with Quick Victaulic connections, saving space and installation time, while water flow auto-balance functionality makes setup easy. A control box allows integration of up to eight units, defined as a set. A controller will also assist to manage cooling capacity, determining how much cooling is needed and what sequencing is needed on the installed sets.

Notes Hattingh: ““These products fill a niche where there is a need for fast, simple, affordable solutions that can grow alongside the needs of the user. These solutions also exist harmoniously with Johnson Controls’ other chiller ranges, so if users do want more sophisticated solutions (e.g., including variable speed drives, heat recovery, etc), they will work well together.”
Each model comes in three different capacities– cooling only (40kW, 60kW and 100kW capacities) or with a heat pump (44.5kW, 66kW and 102kW capacities).

BOX: Johnson Controls’ modular mini chiller
Benefits include: low cost, easy expandability, easy maintenance, flexible installation, redundancy (N+1), quick delivery, compact installation, intelligent defrost, low refrigerant charge, low noise, automated capacity adjustment

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Johnson Controls’ new modular mini-chiller provides affordable and scalable solutions