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Samsung introduces wireless enterprise solution for the business

MIA Telecoms, the sole distributor of Samsung telecommunication and PABX equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa, has introduced Samsung WLAN for Wireless Enterprise. This innovative solution enables business executives to create an efficient work environment where information can be easily and securely shared anytime, anywhere.

The Company’s managing director Bryan Driessel says the wireless enterprise environment is facing a paradigm shift with the constant introduction of new smart devices. “The benefits of mobility and stability provided by advanced mobile devices are driving businesses to turn to wireless environments. Now, your enterprise is also required to face the new mobile environment which brings its own challenges and opportunities.”

Samsung WLAN for Wireless Enterprise boasts Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA), a technology that ensures that the antenna can accurately receive a signal from a mobile device with weak transmission power, even from a long distance. The Samsung AP contains 14 antennas, two antennas are used for monitoring and the remaining 12 provide an optimised RF pattern selecting a beam for each environment. As a result, dead areas are minimised, service coverage is expanded, and the receiving sensitivity is 2 dB higher than competitors.

Furthermore, Samsung has introduced AirMove, a feature that uses LTE Handover technology that allows the AP controller to determine the best timing and a target AP for handover. This way, users can enjoy seamless service during voice calls and video play, and a greater throughput that is double than what legacy Wi-Fi handover guarantees. In a legacy Wi-Fi handover, a device scans for other APs and connects to an appropriate AP when the AP signal detected by the device is below a certain threshold. This technology basically requires a long scan time and degrades service quality.

Driessel points to AirEqualizer, Samsung’s Traffic Schedule technology that ensures the most optimised Wi-Fi service by allocating equal airtime to multiple devices. “This technology guarantees airtime fairness when multiple devices connect to an AP at the same time. It also allows seamless service even in an environment where devices with different traffic are used, without any effects from a device. In addition, it can maximise the AP’s total cell throughput by more than 50% when compared with others, providing the best performance that adapts to the Wi-Fi connection specifications (11a/b/g/n) and signal intensity characteristics.”

Samsung’s Powerful WLAN technology provides optimised wireless environment for smartphones as well as notebook PCs by applying automatic handover and cell design through mobile technology integration. Independent RF sensing offers enhanced security via its embedded, dedicated security RF monitoring module, and reduced total investment cost. It also guarantees coverage and fairness that exceed the limitation of legacy wireless LAN through mobile telecommunication and multi-antenna technology. It ensures a cost effective operation with an existing enterprise network environment by providing support for L3 routing, powerful firewall, 10G interface and power redundancy.

More importantly, it provides stability and operational convenience through wire and wireless integrated management and quick troubleshooting anytime, anywhere through remote management using smart devices.

By adding LTE technology to the existing transmission power and channel optimisation technology through wireless resource management, Self-Organising Network (SON) automatically optimises the cell configuration and coverage, considering the device features for voice environments. This allows a high level of quality management during operations and dramatically shortens design schedule and reduces design cost.

More importantly, Samsung’s patented technology Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling (VaTS), efficiently sends Voice Frames to multiple devices using mobile communication traffic scheduling technology. This means that there is no voice quality degradation due to an increase of devices in concurrent calls. This technology increases the concurrent call capacity even in areas with high call volume.

He says Samsung’s Powerful WLAN technology is equipped with dedicated security RF monitoring module. “The importance of security in the enterprise communication environment cannot be over-emphasised. Particularly for the WIPS that provides security through RF sensing, a sensor AP for RF sensing is also required in addition to the APs for service provision. There are two types of WIPS architectures, the Overlay that that installs an additional sensor AP, and Time Slice that splits the service and sensing by time and provides them at the same AP.”

“Samsung Wireless Enterprise AP combines the advantages of the two configurations and has the dedicated security RF monitoring chip embedded independently of the service RF chip to enable continuous real-time monitoring of data service. This maximises the RF sensing performance and reduces design cost,” he explains.

The Samsung WLAN Manager supports the access switch management function for AP as well as AP/APC. It provides an efficient wireless infrastructure management by supporting the Samsung L2 switch management function, including the AP connection port control for AP failure or remote AP reboot through its integrated User Interface. In addition, it supports the remote management function to help administrators respond to possible failures by using the smartphone fault monitoring and fault notification functions.

“You can use your smartphone to control remotely the wireless network status anytime, anywhere and quickly respond to any issues. You can easily identify the Critical/ Major/Minor alarm status. When a fault occurs, you can send its related information and a linkable URL to a specified device via SMS to check the status and troubleshoot in real time,” he concludes.

For more information contact MIA Telecoms on (011) 799 7720.

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