Live Chat for VIP Liquid Payroll gives users immediate support on tap

VIP Liquid Payroll – Sage VIP Payroll and HR’s online payroll system – now features a real-time Live Chat instant messaging support option, in addition to traditional telephone and email support. Web chat is rapidly becoming a preferred support channel in the global software industry because of the convenience it offers busy people who don’t have the time to wait for a call centre agent.

The Live Chat feature makes it simple for end-users to get help from the Sage VIP Helpdesk in real-time as they are busy using the system. All they need to do is click a link within the app to open an instant messaging chat window and they’ll be connected to a support consultant. They can even share their screens and live data with the consultant, making it easier to explain their question or problem and faster to get a resolution.

Says Karen Schmikl, business manager at Sage Online Payroll: “Our customers are mostly not payroll experts or techies, but businesspeople trying to get a lot done each day. For that reason, we are always eager to use the latest tools and technologies to make their lives simpler and to save them precious time. Live Chat fits the bill perfectly.

“Since we quietly introduced this feature into Liquid Payroll in January 2014, customers have told us that they love it. We have seen strong adoption with a third of our support queries in February coming in via chat. It makes it convenient, easy and quick to get answer to a query, so that our users can get help quickly and then get back to work.”

Live Chat is available during working hours and is free for all VIP Liquid Payroll users. VIP Liquid Payroll is an online payroll system that allows you to pay an unlimited number of employees, calculate multiple earnings and deductions, and generate powerful reports, all while staying away from confusing financial jargon.

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Live Chat for VIP Liquid Payroll gives users immediate support on tap