Next generation enterprise E-mail unveiled

Networking specialists NETCB has announced the availability of Novell GroupWise 2014. This is the fourth update to Novell GroupWise and the second major release version since 2010, when analysts such as Gartner implied that there would be no significant versions after GroupWise 8.

Although this release has significant new features, Novell is already discussing the next releases of Novell GroupWise. Novell GroupWise has taken a huge step in becoming a truly platform independent Enterprise Messaging solution.

NETCB CEO Cobus Burgers says Novell GroupWise 2014 now allows users to use Microsoft Active Directory natively. “You can even use a mix of NetIQ eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory users on the same post office in GroupWise.”

He says it costs less to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Novell GroupWise 2014 than to migrate an existing Microsoft Exchange system to MS Exchange 2013. “Once you are running Novell GroupWise, you never ever need to migrate again just to do an upgrade.”

“With GroupWise, it is merely an in place upgrade that will save many customers millions instead of the current migration requirements with every new major Microsoft Exchange version.”

NETCB is Novell GroupWise 2014 ready, its sales and technical staff have been trained on Novell GroupWise 2014 and have already been using GroupWise 2014 for more than six months. They have also built various processes and procedures for customers to implement and run GroupWise 2014.

NETCB will continue to recommend Novell GroupWise to customers – based purely upon the exceptional security, stability, reliability and ease of administration it provides. Novell GroupWise helps customers to save.

Burgers says most vendors do not like Novell GroupWise because they cannot keep on selling additional hardware upgrades and new systems to customers running Novell GroupWise, apart from storage solutions.

“They will rather recommend solutions that will ensure that the customer needs to buy new hardware every two to three years because systems such as Microsoft Exchange forces customers to do just that,” he concludes.

To experience Novell GroupWise 2014 in action or for more information contact NETCB on +27 12 844 0744.

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Next generation enterprise E-mail unveiled