Clickatell trusts Splunk software for business analytics and cutting-edge customer service

Mobile Services Provider Gains Real-time Insight into Business-critical Systems

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, announced that Clickatell, a global leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, has improved its customer service solutions with Splunk Enterprise. With Splunk software, Clickatell reports that it has optimised the uptime and reliability of its services by collecting, monitoring and analysing valuable customer information in real time, such as errors, usage and other important events. Clickatell executives also use Splunk dashboards to monitor the key business performance indicators that impact revenue. To learn more, read the Clickatell case study.

“Splunk software has impacted how quickly we become aware of a potential issue before it becomes a real problem,” said Hugo Roux, solutions architect, Clickatell. “The team now has the ability to spot and react faster to anomalies, so we can be more proactive, letting customers know something is wrong before they flag it to us. In Africa, it is often difficult to identify problems early on and being able to do so is a key service differentiator for Clickatell in the local market.”

Clickatell has increased service availability by monitoring its IT environment. Splunk software helps to anticipate potential problems, both at Clickatell and also on the customer side, so the team can contact its enterprise customers and help them to resolve issues quicker. In addition, Clickatell has increased the level of visibility into the organization’s revenue generating systems by using Splunk software for business analytics. Executive-level dashboards monitor critical business metrics such as traffic figures and volume of messages – enabling business stakeholders to spot performance trends and make better decisions in real time.

“Clickatell’s use of Splunk software demonstrates how operational intelligence can greatly impact and improve the customer service side of an organisation,” said James Murray, vice president of EMEA, Splunk. “By monitoring, indexing, analysing and visualising machine data across the business, Clickatell is gaining all sorts of new actionable insights – all using a single platform. This differentiates Clickatell from many of its competitors and increases overall trust in the Clickatell brand. Splunk software is also a key part of Clickatell’s forward-looking vision to use big data to enhance all aspects of its business.”

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Clickatell trusts Splunk software for business analytics and cutting-edge customer service