DynaTech on the acquisition trail

Leading business solutions provider DynaTech is on the acquisition trail this year as it moves to grow and expand its areas of operation.

DynaTech is a business solutions provider that assists businesses to transform and realise value using technology and the information resident in every organisation.

“Now in its tenth year of operation”, says co-founder and CEO Ntokozo Xaba, “the company is playing in the centre of what Gartner calls the Nexus of Forces – cloud, mobility, big data and the internet of things – and is well-positioned to deliver solutions to its public and private sector client base in these arenas”.

Says Xaba: “DynaTech provides solutions in the business process management, asset management, application integration and big data arenas. We’ve started developing apps in the mobile space for clients. We have strategic partnerships with vendors like TS Innovations (Pty) Limited, IBM, Ventyx, NetIQ, Alfresco, Novell and Microsoft. DynaTech has specialised skills and domain expertise in the public sector as well as access to high-level telecoms and financial services expertise through our partnership with TS Innovations (Pty) Limited”

“DynaTech takes a Silicon Valley approach”, Xaba says, through its close relationship with TS Innovations (Pty) Limited which sees several of its directors sitting on the TS Innovations (Pty) Limited local board and giving DynaTech access to TS Innovations (Pty) Limited international executives”.

“Acquisitive and organic growth is a huge part of DynaTech’s plans”, he adds. “If you look at what we’ve done in the last eight years – since we became TIBCO’s partner – we’ve been doing small, quiet acquisitions. We’re seeking to acquire companies with technical and cultural fit, and are taking a cautious approach. We’re looking for culture-fit, and big vision in terms of growth.”

DynaTech has plans to move outside of South Africa’s borders, into the rest of the continent and the Middle East.

Xaba also adds: “We want to play in the Africa Middle East (AME) space. We have a huge focus on growing outside of the borders. We’ll also continue to invest in our brand and in our skills this year. We believe we have a strong advantage because we invest in developing our staff and their skills”

Xaba sees cloud as a game-changer, and says DynaTech will be making investments in that space too. Other areas of focus include developing and launching mobile apps for both public and private sector clients as mobile is a key factor in the company’s long-term plans.

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DynaTech on the acquisition trail