MXIT unveils exciting new product features

Vincent Maher, Mxit Chief Product Officer says, “This is Mxit’s most exciting product release to date. Users can now bring all the magic of the web into Mxit with Chat Cards*, and enjoy the richest chat and networking experience possible with an array of innovative new features that make chat more fun, exciting and meaningful”. Apart from through-the-line improvements to the overall user experience on Mxit, the following key new and/or improved features will be available with this round of releases for feature phones, Android and iOS devices in April 2014.

  • Chat Cards*: Chat Cards* are a great new way to share videos, photos, and other web content in conversations. Chat Cards* innovatively enhance the chat experience by supplementing expressions, feelings and ideas that would ordinarily be described in words, with Giphy cards, YouTube cards, joke cards, pick-up-lines and many more.
  • Newsfeed: The newly introduced Newsfeed allow users to post moments in time, and to keep track of friends’ posts.
  • Address Book Integration: Integration with a phone’s address book means that it is now much easier for users to find, invite and add friends.
  • Brand New iOS Interface: A crisp and simple new look makes it more intuitive for Apple fans to find their way, and make the most of their chat experience on Mxit.

In conjunction with the new releases, Mxit will also roll out a marketing campaign fronted by recently appointed brand ambassador and local ‘King of Dance Music’, Zakes Bantwini.

*Only available for Android and iOS devices at the moment, J2ME coming soon.


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MXIT unveils exciting new product features