Agile Africa to return in 2014

The Joburg Centre of Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University has announced that its Agile Africa conference will take place on the 11th and 12th of August 2014 and will form part of a soon to be announced Digital Arts Festival hosted by Wits University.

“The 2013 Agile Africa conference was a great success and we are extremely pleased that the JCSE, through its partnership with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, will host Agile Africa annually,” says Professor Barry Dwolatzky, director of the JCSE.

What was originally a ‘once-off’ event will now take place each year and will give Africa’s Agile Development community an opportunity to network, learn and share best practice. “ As always we plan to host some exciting international speakers along with a series of local leaders in the development field,” explains Dwolatzky.

While the world moves from increasing momentum for Agile development to digestion and refinement, Agile Africa 2014 will reveal where Africa sits on the Agile curve. According to researchers at Forrester, Agile’s digestion and refinement stage really means scaling, adopting more mature Agile practices and extending and replicating point experiences throughout the enterprise to grow and broaden the business benefits. “It will be interesting to see how Agile has developed in Africa and are looking forward to an exciting line-up of the industry’s best.”

For more information on the JCSE events call 27 11 717 6390 or email [email protected].

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Agile Africa to return in 2014