Novell GroupWise 2014 provides unmatched productivity, flexibility and interoperability for enterprises

Novell has announced the availability of GroupWise 2014, delivering mobility and increased efficiency to both end users and IT. With a sleek new interface and amplified intuitive capabilities, and expanded mobile support, users can be more productive no matter their location. The enhancements to GroupWise 2014 also bring mobile productivity to IT, with a new web-based administration console that delivers access to management functions anywhere there’s a browser. It also supports Active Directory and coexists with Microsoft Exchange, bringing new levels of interoperability and cost savings to mixed environments.

These enhancements supplement the traditional benefits of GroupWise, which include security, reliability, and the regulatory compliance that comes with keeping enterprise data on-premise. Forrester analyst Andrew Bartels expressed to the Wall Street Journal that security-related concerns are helping to keep demand for on-premise software growing. He believes that the stable on- premise software market growth could average between 5 and 6 percent in 2014. As data regulations and security concerns increase, GroupWise 2014 provides organisations with a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that keeps data within IT control while improving workplace productivity for users at all levels of the organisation.

“GroupWise 2014 is not just another solution update,” said Eric Varness, vice president of product management and marketing for Novell. “This product provides users and IT with the latest features and functionality, fostering productivity through agile technology that allows for choice, flexibility and interoperability with existing solutions – all working together to drive business forward.”

The release of GroupWise 2014 includes significant technological advancements including:

  • Active Directory support
  • A new web-based administration console
  • 64-bit agents
  • Advanced querying and reporting
  • Delegated admin rights
  • Support for the latest platforms, browsers and mobile devices
  • More powerful search and filing tools
  • The ability to duplicate any item or easily change item type
  • A fresh new user interface that eliminates visual clutter and elevates work
  • Quick lists, dynamic menus and “just in time” options

“In the past two years, we’ve seen multiple GroupWise releases going beyond just incremental enhancements that have really excited our team,” said Robert Haussman, PhD., CIO of Tabor Children Services. “The new features and functionality of GroupWise 2014 give the solution an entirely different look and feel and the improvements are truly innovative. The interface is intuitive, minimizing training needs for employees and the speed and agility of the web access allows users to get more done, faster. From the IT perspective, the ease-of-use takes away the burden of support and we are thrilled to see advances to management aspects across the board.”

Novell GroupWise 2014 is currently available. For more information, including pricing, visit, or contact your Novell representative.

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Novell GroupWise 2014 provides unmatched productivity, flexibility and interoperability for enterprises