LSD Information Technology – doing IT differently

LSD Information Technology, a member of the Aptronics Group of Companies, has a different approach to IT. For the past 12 years, LSD has been servicing the business sector and establishing itself as a lynchpin in the enterprise open source field, providing superior and reliable solutions to their clients.

Having seen the popularity of open source soar over the years, LSD Managing Director, Sven Lesicnik, believes that open source has become the new way of doing business. “In the open source market, it is the community that develops software using open source licences. Because it’s not one company developing the software, but a diverse variety of experts collaborating, the types of products coming out are far more innovative and contemporary.”

According to Lesicnik, businesses can’t afford to ignore open source because of the cost savings and other benefits it offers. “There is no vendor lock-in and the strict open standards ensure collaboration in order to develop technologically-superior software.”

Open source promotes a culture of innovative thinking, sharing and collaboration, and that’s exactly what LSD strives to do Lesicnik says. “Just like the technology we use, we strive to be creative, different and forward thinking. We pride ourselves on our ability to fuse being fun with being professional, because, as our email signatures attest, ‘there is no charge for awesomeness’.”

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LSD Information Technology – doing IT differently