Mad Monkey gets into the swing of things with Sage Pastel solution

When Sonya Jacobs established a new business called Mad Monkey in November 2012, she knew that a good payroll and accounting package could help her to save time, improve customer service and manage her cash flow tightly.

Sage Pastel Accounting’s My Business Online and My Payroll Online turned out to be the answer to her business’s needs. “I was familiar with Pastel because I’d completed a course on the software in 2006, and was leaning towards Sage Pastel because it’s the product my accountant uses” she says. “Then, when I tried the online version of the product, I knew I’d found the solution that would support my business through its start-up phase.”

Jacobs founded Mad Monkey—which makes corporate clothing and gifts, personal protective wear, outdoor and sporting accessories, and related products—out of her passion for creating goods and interacting with clients. Like many small business owners, she has plenty to do in a limited timeframe and would rather spend her hours interacting with customers than on doing administration. This is where the Sage Pastel Accounting products have played an invaluable role in her business. The software is easy to use and allows her to do tasks such as invoicing and producing pay slips quickly and easily. The software provided an easy learning curve, so Jacobs didn’t need to invest precious time and money in learning to use the package.

The cloud based solutions kept fully up to date with security patches and new legislation with no effort required from the end-user. Best of all, it’s available for a modest monthly cost, preserving capital that Jacobs could invest in growing her business.

“I’d totally forgotten what I’d learnt about the software six years ago, but it was very easy to teach myself how to use the online version,” Jacobs says. “I really enjoy using the software because it is so simple and convenient.”

Because Sage Pastel Accounting’s My Business Online is online, Jacobs can access the system wherever she is. Customer invoices, receipts, supplier invoices, returns, and payments can all be managed from nearly anywhere there’s an Internet connection. “I’m on the road nearly all the time, so it’s really convenient for me to be able to log in and send an invoice to a customer who needs it from wherever I am,” she says. “Sage Pastel My Business Online is a really affordable and convenient option for businesses that are just starting up.”

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Mad Monkey gets into the swing of things with Sage Pastel solution