Amazon donation boosts Cape Town school’s literacy drive

Amazon’s Cape Town Customer Service Center recently donated 75 Kindle e-readers to Harold Cressy High School in Cape Town, as well as US $2,500 (over R25,000) in gift cards to purchase content, such as books for the Kindle e-readers.

The donation of Kindle e-readers to the school is in alignment with Harold Cressy’s vision to develop a love for literacy and encourage learners to read, develop and grow. As a part of this initiative, teachers at Harold Cressy High School have created reading clubs to help improve the reading level of the more than 700 learners at the school.

“I know our learners have an appetite for reading, but without books that appetite is stifled,” says school Headmaster Khalid Isaacs. “Having easy access to a greater variety of suitable books on the Kindle is going to make a big difference. We are very grateful to Amazon for their generosity and love of reading.”

Scott Sommers, Senior Site Leader for the Cape Town Center, says Amazon is thrilled to be a part of the Cape Town community, and is excited to give back to a local school that is focused on expanding reading opportunities.

“We’re proud to be a part of the Cape Town community,” says Sommers, who was on-hand Tuesday for the surprise donation at Harold Cressy High School. “These Kindle e-readers are an exceptional tool that teachers can use to ignite excitement for reading,” says Sommers. “With each Kindle able to hold thousands of books, we hope this gift will help open the doors of learning for every child at Harold Cressy High School.”

Amazon’s Customer Service Center in Cape Town is located just a short distance from Harold Cressy High School, and employs more than 1,000 people who provide customer support to Amazon customers around the globe.

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Amazon donation boosts Cape Town school’s literacy drive