Multi-user log-in feature added to Sage VIP’s Liquid Online

Sage VIP Payroll & HR’s Liquid Online payroll solution now offers support for multiple usernames and logins on a single account. This will make it easier for payroll administrators to share information with their co-workers or clients, saving them time and making life more convenient for them.

The new feature is ideal for accountants and payroll firms who use a single Liquid Online account to administer payrolls for more than one company. “The person who is responsible for the primary account can grant other users access rights for specific companies and/or cycles so they can only see the information they have permission to access,” says Karen Schmikl, business manager at Sage VIP Liquid Payroll.

“This is another way we are trying to take as much hassle out of the payroll as possible for our clients. Easy, secure online sharing of payroll information is just one of the many benefits that users will find in our software.”

Other reasons SMEs choose Liquid Online include:

  • No need to install software and no need to keep it up to date with upgrades and legislative updates.
  • The ability to pay employees anywhere, anytime on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Quick and easy compliance with SARS requirements
  • Automated tax certificates.
  • Push-button compliance with labour law.
  • Free, unlimited e-mail and telephonic support and Live Chat
  • The ability to email payslips to employees.

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Multi-user log-in feature added to Sage VIP’s Liquid Online