Data centres for Africa – the Huawei Container Data Centre Solution from DCC

Data centres have become the heart of the modern enterprise, but managing the fast pace of data growth and the need for rapid future expansion has proved a challenging task. Furthermore, deploying a data centre in a new area has traditionally been a costly and time consuming exercise. Typically a data centre requires large capital investment, extensive construction and high power consumption, making agility of deployment all but impossible. The new Huawei Container Data Centre Solution from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) effectively addresses these challenges, offering a complete, cost effective data centre solution packaged in a mobile shipping container, tailored to individual customer specifications and delivered fully kitted in just six weeks.

The Huawei Container Data Centre Solution incorporates everything a fully functioning data centre requires. This includes an integrated power system, environmental monitoring, cooling systems, racks, cabling, fire control, security and other infrastructure facilities, all packaged in a standard shipping container. The solution can be delivered in 20- or 40-foot containers in a variety of setups, including a cluster system with multiple containers linked for larger deployments, and double story configurations for customers with ground space constraints. With Huawei’s end-to-end range of enterprise data centre products, organisations can tailor a solution to meet their specific needs and requirements.

“This innovative solution means there is no longer a need to build a fixed data centre, nor are there any of the typical concerns about construction space, costs and logistics that traditionally go into constructing a new data centre. No actual construction is required, just enough space for the container as well as power and network connections. Building the container takes just six weeks, and deployment can be completed in a week or less, making these solutions highly agile and dramatically reducing time to Return On Investment (ROI),” says Zubair Loonat, Huawei Enterprise Product Manager at DCC.

“Satellite feeds within the containers enable the solution to be moved without disrupting service, and the self-contained solution can be loaded onto the back of a truck for relocation. These data centres are thus relatively mobile as well, ideal for banks and other industries looking to expand their operations into the African continent, as well as for disaster relief, exploration, field operations and other applications that require agile, fast-deployed temporary solutions,” he adds.

The containers are airtight, dustproof, waterproof and environmentally controlled, tested for performance in sub-zero temperatures, high temperatures, wind, rain and even sand storms. With an operating temperature range of between -40 and 55 degrees Celsius and featuring a closed-loop cooling system, these containers are suitable for extreme temperature environments and arid regions, as well as mining applications. Anti-corrosion treatment ensures that the exterior of the container can survive in seaside and other corrosive environments.

The environment within the containers is fully monitored for temperature, humidity, smoke, open doors, water leakage, air conditioning and so on, with unified and centralised management. Security is taken care of with retina, coded or biometric access control to ensure that unauthorised personnel do not gain access. In addition, the containers are fitted with fire detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. CCTV cameras can also be included for additional security and to act as a deterrent for criminals or those with harmful intent.

“In addition to being secure, cost effective and quick to deploy, the Huawei Container Data Centre Solutions are also energy efficient and space saving thanks to intelligent design. Elements such as horizontal air supply and hot and cold aisle containment, an efficient Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and free cooling help to improve temperature control and energy utilisation. These same features can also save up to 30% in terms of space, which makes the container solutions highly efficient,” Loonat concludes.

The Huawei Container Data Centre Solutions are available on order from Drive Control Corporation and are custom-built according to the customer needs. For more information visit

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Data centres for Africa – the Huawei Container Data Centre Solution from DCC