Truteq Devices introduces an affordable next-generation wireless security system

As house break-ins continue to increase, rising by 64.4% over the past 8 years, mobile solutions provider, TruTeq Devices, has launched an affordable wireless security system that is believed to be the next-generation of alarm system – and one that will arguably assist with the reduction of house break-ins.

Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices, said there is a “massive market out there” for affordable security solutions.

“The vast majority of South Africa’s more than 40 million people cannot afford home security solutions. This is one of the reasons we have launched our wireless security solution. It is predominately aimed at those who just cannot afford to pay for, and install, a security system.”

The company has launched two products – one to be deployed as a CDMA-driven device, and the other as a GSM-driven device. The system comes with a DIY kit and can be installed by the user himself. It uses SMS alerts and can be remotely armed or disarmed via a cellular phone.

What makes the solution even more versatile is that, being completely wireless, it can accompany the home owner on holiday in the lodge, caravan, tent – or even 4 x 4.

It is a cost effective, supplementary alert; and can act as a temporary solution where break- ins have already left normal systems damaged – and where time is required to restore. It is also focused on temporary homes for sale or repossessed properties where normal subscriptions have been cancelled – or for student accommodation where they only have dorm rooms for a short period of time etc…

House robbery, nationally, has increased by as much as 64,4% over the last eight years – and appears to have stabilised at a very high rate. The crime statistics for 2011/12 reflect that there were a total of 16 766 home robberies. (Institute for Security Studies).

This is a slight reduction of 0.7% when compared to the previous year’s figure of 16 889. Gauteng is the worst hit of the provinces, accounting for 38% of the national total.

According to an analyses conducted by the SAPS (and published in its annual report) 75% of home robberies occur at night. The most vulnerable times are in the late evening, between 9pm-12pm and very early morning (up to 3am). A total of 55% of robberies occur in these timeframes.

The really scary point, said Roberts, is that in 99% of these cases firearms were used, pointing to the high level of danger. Murders occur in 2% of house robberies and a total of 4% sees rapes occur.

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Truteq Devices introduces an affordable next-generation wireless security system