Disconnect between what investment companies want and what software developers deliver

Many investment companies realise the importance of access to information and data processing tools to improve the investment decisions they make every day. However, getting a software program that delivers real results for investment firms is easier said than done. The reason for this is the disconnect between what investment companies are looking for and the products and programs that software developers are able to deliver.

Alex D’Aloisio, director at TimBukOne, an investment research software and data company says that the problem lies with developers understanding the IT aspect or programming language they are working in, but do not have an in-depth understanding of the investment markets and the solutions required by the investment analyst. “We have heard time and again of how an investment firm has contracted a software developer to build a certain system for them, and spent large sums of money, and either did not get a solution or got one that does not perform as required.”

He says that most developers out there are good at the back-end software development, but are not good at building tools that are easy to use while providing real, high quality results. D’Aloisio warns investment firms against contracting software developers who do not have a proper knowledge of the investment banking environment and exactly how the tool they will be developing with provide solutions within that environment. “Taking the extra time to source a developer with good industry knowledge and a proven track record within the investment community will result in the development of a market specific solution that realises your expectations,” says D’Aloisio.

TimBukOne is an investment research software and data company with a difference, in that it is not run by software technicians, but professionals who understand the investment market and the tools required by the users, and enabling them to supply a range of products for professional investment managers and financial analysts. TimBukOne developers have over 25 years’ experience in the provision of software and database solutions to the investment community. “Our success has come from having extensive programming and IT knowledge and understanding the investment market and the users very well,” explains D’Aloisio.

“In the investment world, timing is everything and the quicker you can access information, in a way that is visually simple to understand and interpret, the faster you can make an informed decision. Having the right tools and software products to provide you with accurate information at the right time is imperative. For example, TimBukOne provides investors with company shareholding information within a few hours of STRATE releasing the data to the market. This information allows clients to see who is buying/selling the shares that they hold, easily spot buying/selling trends and peer group analysis of fund managers. This is largely due to the company’s industry expertise and the systems the company has developed. “Our years of experience enable us to provide solutions that help our clients make quality investment decisions in the shortest amount of time. While software knowledge is important, it cannot replace industry knowledge and experience in providing an effective software solution for the investment market,” concludes D’Aloisio.

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Disconnect between what investment companies want and what software developers deliver