Using the ‘data of now’ to power real-time marketing

Digital marketers that want to stay ahead of a crowded and competitive market need to leverage data from a range of sources to create relevant and personalised customer experiences in real-time.

That’s according to Devon Tighe, Vice President for Data Strategy and Operations at The Data Alliance, a WPP company that facilitates access to data and data-driven marketing applications across the Group’s many businesses around the world. The Data Alliance works with marketers across WPP’s agencies to organise diverse data – from different channels, geographies, types and sources – and apply it for the purpose of driving faster, smarter marketing decisions.

Tighe will be one of the international speakers to present at the Acceleration Digital Ignition Symposium for 2014 to be held in June. The country’s top digital marketers will gather at this event to hear about the latest trends and developments in the digital marketing landscape. Acceleration is, like The Data Alliance, a WPP company.

Tighe says that ‘data of now’—up to the minute customer data from a variety of sources—can help enterprises create actionable insights to improve their return on investment from digital marketing by personalising content and messaging to their customer’s needs, behaviour and interests in real-time.

The main theme of the Symposium will be “Know Your Audience”—an imperative that companies cannot meet without access to the right customer data as well as the right tools and processes to make sense of that data, says Tighe. “By connecting data from a range of sources—be it market research, social media, Web analytics, purchase transactions, and mobile devices—organisations can create customer experiences that improve the performance of their businesses,” she adds.

During her talk, Tighe will aim to demystify big data and outline what it really means for South African marketers. She will also show through real-world examples and case studies how using data to deliver the right content at the right place and at the right time will help brands to connect with their audiences.

Acceleration’s Digital Ignition Symposium in Franschhoek will provide digital executives with practical insights that will help them to create successful marketing, publishing, mobile, social and app strategies for their organisations.

Other speakers lined up for the event are:

  • Steve Pimsoll, who is responsible for Mindshare’s global technology and data vision.
  • Jeff Eales is Director of Systems & Development at BSKYB and is a TV advertising veteran of nearly 40 years.
  • Mike Stopforth, CEO of South Africa’s social business authority, Cerebra.

Says Richard Mullins, director at Acceleration: “The idea that data powers better marketing is transforming businesses around the world. In this Symposium, digital marketers will learn how they can become more data-driven, and thereby drive better value from their investments into digital marketing. We believe that data is one of the most valuable assets at any marketer’s disposal – this Symposium will show how organisations can use it to improve sales, customer satisfaction and profitability.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your digital world. To book your place to the Symposium, please go to for more information.


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Using the ‘data of now’ to power real-time marketing