Migrating to Office 365? Soarsoft Africa and Binary Tree provide expert guidance in a live Webinar

Many organisations are examining the possibility of moving to Microsoft Office 365 in an effort to harness the benefits of cloud productivity and reduced overheads. However, migrating to messaging on-line with Office 365 from on-site Exchange and other messaging platforms can be a challenging task, and one which could cause costly disruptions in services to the business should the migration be badly managed or unsuccessful. A hybrid environment which simultaneously uses a combination of both cloud and on-premise messaging, is becoming more and more popular to avoid the issues associated with a “Big Bang” approach, especially within larger organisations. This can however be a double edged sword, with a host of other risks if not properly managed.

“Manual migrations are time consuming and error-prone, and automating the migration not only reduces these risks, but also dramatically shortens the time to migrate. However, there are a number of challenges involved, including the migration of legacy data in third party archive systems and off-line folders, often based on the user’s laptops and desktop devices. Preparing this data for migration, ensuring interoperability with line of business applications that use email, and identifying the right archiving and eDiscovery option for your business, are just some of the challenges involved. In addition, the requirement to move large volumes of data across international bandwidth quickly and reliably is a common stumbling block,” says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa.

The most important objective is to ensure a smooth and controlled transition of user mailboxes from the existing platform to Office 365 while ensuring full co-existence between on-site and cloud-based users. If this is not successfully achieved, unnecessary interruptions in service is often the net result, causing unnecessary complexity, and additional security risks.

Join industry experts Soarsoft Africa and Binary Tree for a free and informative live Webinar that tackles the challenges of migrating to Office 365 and clears up some misconceptions for migrating Exchange to the cloud. Learn from Binary Tree’s experience in migrating over 3 million users to the Microsoft cloud as they cover the key considerations for how to migrate, what to migrate, what not to migrate, and more. Discover the key planning and execution steps that are essential to successfully transition an organisation to the Microsoft cloud. If you are planning or managing an Office 365 migration, this Webinar is for you.

Date: 20 May 2014
Time: 11:00 SAST
To register, click here: http://go.smartexchangemigration.com/l/18642/2014-04-29/btvdt

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Migrating to Office 365? Soarsoft Africa and Binary Tree provide expert guidance in a live Webinar