Truteq Devices continues its inroads into the farming community

As house break-ins continue to rise – especially on farms and small holdings, – leading wireless specialist, TruTeq Devices, continues to build a client base among the farming community, predominantly for its recently-launched wireless security system.

Said Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices:”Farmers are being hard hit by rising farm attacks and break-ins. This is why we are finding our footprint increasing.

“The most vital areas right now,” said Roberts, are farmers from the North West, Balfour and Cape.”

He said the biggest requirement is for security solutions, including cameras and alarms.

TruTeq Devices is also focusing on solutions such as monitoring for chicken farming and cold storage, through to dam level monitoring and pump control –as well as security guard monitoring on the chicken farms.

A number of these systems are to be implemented over the next few weeks. “While security among farmers is the number one priority, many are looking at boosting productivity by introducing fully automated solutions.”

The company has recently launched two products – one to be deployed as a CDMA-driven device, and the other as a GSM-driven device. The system comes with a DIY kit and can be installed by the user himself. It uses SMS alerts and can be remotely armed or disarmed via a cellular phone.

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Truteq Devices continues its inroads into the farming community