Win two cases of the all new Windhoek Lager 440ml

Windhoek Lager now comes in a bigger and better 440ml can, giving 100% pure beer fans more of the beer they love. As a way to say thank you for voting us as one of the “favourite brands among IT professionals”, here’s a chance to win two cases of the new Windhoek Lager 440ml cans. Be the first to get your hands on this new addition to the Windhoek range.

Windhoek is 100% Pure Beer, brewed to the purity standard of the Reinheitsgebot for nearly 100 years: malted barley, hops, water and no other stuff. First brewed in Windhoek, Namibia in 1920, the Windhoek brand has stayed true to this recipe, never compromising on the vision of its pioneering founders, who showed great courage to brew beer using this superior method in the desert. To this day, the beer is made the same way – and is now enjoyed by lovers of pure beer across Africa and the world.

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WHK_23072014_Windhoek Lager Can 440ml

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Win two cases of the all new Windhoek Lager 440ml